Prospects for 2021: Ukrainian-German-Turkish project “Future Flashback”

In October, we successfully launched our virtual youth exchange with student participants from Landsberg am Lech (Bavaria) and Istanbul, the largest city of Turkey. Partner in Ukraine is the Zdolbuniv gymnasium.

By the end of the year, we held about 10 Zoom meetings, also communicated in various chats and other formats; exchanged photos, drawings, recorded audio materials and prepared an online exhibition on the topic “Time Travel – what was the world like in 2020 through the eyes of a traveler from 2220?”

But this is just the beginning of the project. In 2021, we are planning an offline exhibition to be held in Germany, Turkey and Ukraine.

With the German side (dieKunstBauStelle e.V.), which is the main partner of the project, we are considering the possibility of continuing the project: an offline exchange between Landsberg am Lech and Zdolbuniv. In general, there are many ideas that will help to establish cooperation between Zdolbuniv schools where German is taught, with partners in Germany and German foundations that support such schools, for example, provide methodological material or help to improve the skills of the teaching staff.

We are also considering a new all-Ukrainian project with the participation of Germans and Turks, but we will tell about this a little later.

Meanwhile, we are preparing for the exhibition, and on March 1, the website of the project will be ready:

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