“Public activism in small communities”: results and prospects

Within the framework of the project “Public activism in small communities”, 3 amazing webinars were held in February for young people from Rivne and Kharkiv regions.

The participants discussed:

– public activism;

– motivation and expectations;

– teambuilding;

– specifics of communication process;

– project goals

And this is not the whole list of important topics that were covered during the training session.

In general, the participants learned how to promote the development of their village or town, how to build a team, how to inform the community about positive changes and attract young people to joint implementation of projects.

The next stage of this program will be “expeditions” to Kharkiv and Rivne. Online events are great, but offline events are much more better, because live communication cannot be replaced. Participants look forward to continuing the project.

The project is implemented in cooperation with the National Youth Council of Ukraine (NYCU) and Ukraine Leadership Academy (ULA).

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