Participation in the official opening of the Honcharenko Center in Rivne

We had the opportunity to attend the opening of Honcharenko Center Rivne. education and culture. This center organizes educational courses – English for children, adults and those who will take External independent evaluation this year, as well as a financial literacy course. The opening ceremony was also attended by the representatives of our NGO, the regional branch of NYCU, mass media and public activists of Rivne and Rivne region. Honcharenko center is a perfect place for those who want to gain knowledge for career success, learn English, and those who can and want to influence the educational and cultural level of the community of their city.

The center aims to cooperate with the city’s community, and also aims to identify the most pressing educational and cultural problems of our city and jointly find the most effective ways to solve them.

Address: Rivne, 2 Kavkazka str.

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