Spring greetings from our newly arrived US volunteer

My name is Chris Castelino and I am very pleased to be a part of MKUA in Kiev. I connected with Emilia via her progressive English teaching field trips and was fortunate to be able to contribute to her program. As a

Meeting with Consul General of the Republic of Poland at Tarakaniv Fort

Consul General of the Republic of Poland in Lutsk, Sławomir Misiak, paid tribute to the memory of Polish soldiers at Tarakaniv Fort. On a sunny spring day, March 18, 2021, at Tarakaniv Fort in Volhynia in the city of Dubno

Our first ESC volunteer in Poland

As you know, youth mobility projects is one of our work directions. Until recently, we only hosted volunteers from other countries, and now we help Ukrainians to find volunteer projects abroad and, as a sending organization, settle all the formalities.So,

“Public activism in small communities”: results and prospects

Within the framework of the project "Public activism in small communities", 3 amazing webinars were held in February for young people from Rivne and Kharkiv regions. The participants discussed: - public activism; - motivation and expectations; - teambuilding; - specifics

Meeting with a future volunteer from Switzerland

Today we had a guest from Switzerland, or rather from Khmelnytskyi. Rony Grüter originally from Switzerland, but has fallen in love with Ukraine and its "slavic soul". Previously, he taught German in Kharkiv, but currently lives in Khmelnytskyi, from where

Participation in the official opening of the Honcharenko Center in Rivne

We had the opportunity to attend the opening of Honcharenko Center Rivne. education and culture. This center organizes educational courses - English for children, adults and those who will take External independent evaluation this year, as well as a financial

Zoom meeting with representatives of Völklingen

Völklingen ​is a unique city in Germany. It is located on the border with France and is surrounded by dense forests, but there is also a former metallurgical plant in the center of the city, that became the first UNESCO

Training course on business cooperation with CSI in Vinnytsia

This week the representative of our NGO "Multicultural Ukraine" Oleksandr Chyzhevskyi  attended a two -day training course on business cooperation with with civil society institutions (CSI) in Vinnytsia, which was organized by charitable foundation "Podilska Hromada". The organizers shared their

Call for paricipants and launch of the project “Public activism in small communities”

Within the framework of this project, we want to unite youth activists of Rivne and Kharkiv regions in order to overcome stereotypes in Western Ukraine about Eastern and vice versa. Together with the National Youth Council of Ukraine (NYCU) and

Winter in Zdolbuniv

February turned out to be fierce: it was very frosty and snowy. But despite such harsh weather, we continued to work in our new office. Now we have a lot of ideas that are waiting to be implemented. We plan

McClair-Project: Zoom meeting with representatives of the botanical gardens of Kremenets and Dublin

We have been waiting to organize this meeting for a long time, postponed it three times, and finally at the end of January it took place. Within the framework of McClair project we want to explore the cultural heritage of

Our NGO officially registered in Zdolbuniv

As of today, according to an extract from the Unified State Register of legal entities, individual entrepreneurs and public formations, we are officially Zdolbuniv NGO. Of course, we miss Kharkiv, but we feel that our organization in Zdolbuniv has a

First meeting on the creation of the Zdolbuniv Youth Council

Together with representatives of three youth organizations (ZEON, YMCA Zdolbuniv, Plast), the head of our NGO took part in a meeting on the creation of a Youth Council in Zdolbuniv. The discussion was attended by the head of Zdolbuniv ATC,

Prospects for 2021: Ukrainian-German-Turkish project “Future Flashback”

In October, we successfully launched our virtual youth exchange with student participants from Landsberg am Lech (Bavaria) and Istanbul, the largest city of Turkey. Partner in Ukraine is the Zdolbuniv gymnasium. By the end of the year, we held about

First event at our new office – Youth Dialogue

Together with our long-time partner, the National Youth Council of Ukraine (NYCU), we successfully held the first event. Youth Dialogue is a format of communication that allows to gather local representatives of active youth and authorities. They discuss topics that

Peace Light of Bethlehem in our office

In the hectic times of lockdown and New Year's Eve constancy plays an important role. Every year the Peace Light of Bethlehem arrives in Ukraine and today for the first time it has arrived to our office in the Old