Last day of “Youth Bridge Bardejov-Varkovichy”

(Text translated from our project Facebook page Optácia 1947)

Finally, our project “Youth Bridge Bardejov – Varkovichy” has come to an end.

Today we presented the results at Varkovichy Village Council, in presence of its Head, Yurij Parfenyuk, and the Ukrainian participants of this international projects.

We discussed the projects results and plans for future. We are happy to see that as one result of our project in Varkovichy has been set up for the first time a Youth Council, which was a direct initiative of our project particpants and shows the civic involvement beyond the project itself.

The youth council will become a key stakeholder in social life of the Territorial Community of Varkovichy and hopefully will continue cooperation with Slovak partners.

Also, we presented today our Exhibition, devoted to the historical event of “Optation” in 1947.

Thanks to all partners, especially to Jakob Burov and Peter Buben from “Mladý Bardejov – Mestský mládežnícky parlament“.

And, of course, the biggest thank goes to House of Europe, which granted our project.

The project results can be seen here, the exhibition will be shown in different cities of our region and for next year we plan to show it even in Slovakia – but this will be a separate history to tell about and a new project to work on.

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