Knowledge Transfer on Organic Farming and Climate Change in Agriculture

Friends! We are pleased to announce that that the NGO “Multicultural Ukraine“ is resuming its work after its leader -Martin Reuter passed away.
For the last almost 2 months we have been actively restoring contacts, interacting and working on projects and ideas.
For now, we want to write about one of them.

The project “Knowledge Transfer on Organic Farming and Climate Change in Agriculture”, which is being implemented to support the US population in Ukraine, is currently in full swing and we will soon be able to present the first results.
NUWM together with the University of Maryland is actively developing textbooks for Pluzheny Agricultural High School. There will be 5 of them in total. Professional English language courses for teachers and students of the lyceum will also be launched in the new school year.
We have many ideas and plans for future projects and initiatives. We will try to continue the work of Martin, who longed for the development of Ukraine and prosperity.

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