“Goodbye” to our volunteers from Turkey

👋 We say again “Goodbye” to the EVS volunteers from Turkey who for two months helped us with the project “Street outreach” in Kharkiv. Every day, along with a social patrol, they traveled around the city, distributing hot food and clothing to the homeless.

🌏 “This is our first trip as a volunteer to another country. They were very worried and didn’t know if we could handle it” – says Hakan.

👍 But everything turned out flawlessly. The boys were always attentive to the needs of homeless people, because it was very important that the order was handled and everyone received food, and they always listened to the employees of Depaul Ukraine, because working with homeless people requires the necessary skills.

☪️ “Thanks to Depaul, we have had an unforgettable experience, learned patience, met people who are not indifferent to the problems of the needy and, of course, we now have many friends in Ukraine. And, be sure will use the lessons learned. Because Istanbul (a city where boys live and study) is a city with 20 million inhabitants, which is where to turn around and be sure that someone need help” – notes Onur.

🧡 Depaul Ukraine thankful to Molekül Hakan and Onur Arslan for such warm feedback and volunteering at our Foundation. We wish you success in your studies and look forward to your visit. The doors of our Foundation are always open for you!
We also thank NGO “Multikultiua” for fruitful cooperation, namely, for such volunteers!

Source: ВБФ “Деполь Україна”

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