Goals and Activity

Our main goal is to support, in many ways and on many different levels, the idea of multiculturalism, intercultural dialogue, tolerance and international cooperation between Ukraine and other countries.

As we know, it is important for cooperation to first of all create a climate of trust. Our work consists of:

  • Fostering multicultural, international exchanges between individuals, businesses, non-governmental organizations and public entities
  • Promoting the idea of youth mobility (inside Ukraine and abroad)
  • Supporting national and international volunteers as well as volunteer movements
  • Promoting foreign language learning and teaching
  • Lobbying for rural development, green tourism and regional branding
  • Organizing charity, cultural and sport events

To achieve this, we are working with associations of ethnic minorities in Ukraine, cultural associations abroad and other organizations which share our goals.

The activity of our organization is Ukraine-wide, but our focus for now is in the cities, oblasts and regions, where we have offices and representatives. Since our beginning in 2009, this includes Kharkiv city and Kharkiv oblast (which is part of the cultural region Slobozhanshina) and since 2020 includes Rivne city and Rivne oblast (the cultural region of Volyn). 

Our permanent projects and activities cover

  • Youth exchange on national and international levels
  • International Volunteering
  • German Summer Jobs for Students Programme (ZAV, Germany)
  • Summer camps, seminars and conferences
  • Cultural events (for now: mostly in Kharkiv)
Certificate of gratitude from the Mayor of Kharkiv to the Head of our NGO, Serhij Savitskyj (2012)
photo shooting during International football tournament (2015)
Miss Kharkiv International (2014)
Having fun with students from China (2018)
Our EVS volunteers from Turkey on duty in Kharkiv (2020)