First meeting on the creation of the Zdolbuniv Youth Council

Together with representatives of three youth organizations (ZEON, YMCA Zdolbuniv, Plast), the head of our NGO took part in a meeting on the creation of a Youth Council in Zdolbuniv. The discussion was attended by the head of Zdolbuniv ATC, Vladyslav Sukhliak, and deputies of the ATC council. We were talking what a youth council is, the purpose of its creation, role, activities, advice. Chairman of the National Youth Council of Ukraine Yulian Kritsak (Kyiv) and Lesia Holoiad, the president of the Youth Congress of Zboriv City Council (Ternopil region), joined us online and shared their own experience and contributed advice. It was decided to create a working group and collect the necessary documents to start the process.

We wish Zdolbuniv Youth Council a successful foundation and productive work for the benefit of society!

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