Zoom meeting with representatives of Völklingen

Völklingen ​is a unique city in Germany. It is located on the border with France and is surrounded by dense forests, but there is also a former metallurgical plant in the center of the city, that became the first UNESCO World Heritage Site of industrial culture. Zdolbuniv has an industrial as well , but the industrial culture is not yet developed here, although it can become one of the key engines for the development of the region.

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For several months now, we have been in contact with representatives of Völklingen city administration, as well as with the company that runs the “European Center for arts and industrial culture”, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site “Völklinger Hütte” on behalf of the federal state of Saarland. We discussed various projects and applying to the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation (UCF).

The German side is interested in friendly relations with Zdolbuniv, and is even ready to popularize the Ukrainian language on the basis of the Center for adult education (Volkshochschule VHS). The Ukrainian side was represented by Eleonora Stetsenko, head of the department of culture and tourism of Zdolbuniv City Council, Oleksandr Dmytruk (student of the history department, local historian, photographer) and Martin Reuther (head of the NGO MKUA).

As it’s now fashionable to say – to be continued! Don’t switch!

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