Spring greetings from our newly arrived US volunteer

My name is Chris Castelino and I am very pleased to be a part of MKUA in Kiev. I connected with Emilia via her progressive English teaching field trips and was fortunate to be able to contribute to her program. As a result, I came in contact with Martin Reuther, and since the autumn of 2020 I am learning about the organization, having obtained a long term volunteer visa to this wonderful country. My home is in Maryland, just outside Washington, DC.

Officially I became a volunteer of MKUA at the end of February 2021, when I came back to Ukraine after winter holidays. Now, I’m involved with providing support in projects proposed for the Zdolbuniv regional development. Communications, youth exchanges, economic and cultural development, partnerships, grant applications and more. I am excited to be part of your team. 

After owning and selling my advertising/marketing company, I decided to follow my hobbies and pursue a post-career path that offers intrinsic values. I am a soccer referee in the USA and I am also a mentor to new referees.

In 2011, I started a foundation in Goa, India, that provides after-school music opportunities to underprivileged children. I visit the foundation every year. Travel is a passion and I’ve been fortunate to have seen over 55 countries and lived in eight.

I hope to learn more about MKUA and in the process, more about the people of Ukraine. Slava Ukraini!

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