Slovakia and Ukraine have a lot in common, including the historical events of 1947, when there was a mass “migration” of Ukrainians and Slovaks from Eastern Slovakia to the territory of Volhynia of the former Ukrainian SSR.

In 2021, we were awarded a mini-grant (House of Europe program) to implement our initiative “Varkovychi-Bardejov Youth Bridge”.

We want to revive the interest in history among the young people of Slovakia and Ukraine, and in this way, as it is written in our statutory goals, use joint history to build bridges to the future. The project will be implemented from May to September 2021.

Bardejov is the most beautiful city in the Prešov region of Eastern Slovakia, from which the majority of migrants flowed to Ukraine, and Varkovyci is a newly created ATC (amalgamated territorial community) in the Dubno district of Rivne region, where people from Slovakia came at that time.

Within the framework of the project, it is planned to:

– Conduct online lectures on local history, genealogy and youth policy

– Group work for the collection and processing of historical material and conceptualization of the exhibition about the Ukrainian-Slovak cultural and historical heritage

– Create a website for an online exhibition and use it as an information platform for the further development of this area.

 – Organize the exhibition in different places of Rivne region, in the future – in Kiev and in Slovakia.

The main goal of the project is to activate young people in rural areas by giving them an opportunity to participate in the international youth exchange project. Ideally, this project will contribute to the creation of a youth council in the Varkovychi ATC and serve as a foundation for further cooperation between the administrations and organizations of Varkovychi and Bardeyov.

The participants of the project are students and representatives of active youth of the two countries, the main partner in Ukraine is Varkovyci ATC, in Slovakia “Young Bardeyov – Youth Parliament of the city of Bardejov”.