S. Petliura’s 142nd birthday celebrated in Rivne

Finally, a sunny spring day. On May 22, 2021,  members of Plast National Scout organisation of Ukraine  (“Ulas Samchuk 33”)  together with the local Polish scouts (“Hartsery Volyn-Rivne”) celebrated the 142nd anniversary of Simon Petliura’s birthday by laying flowers and lighting candles near the monument to Simon Petliura on the street named after him in Rivne.

The event was also attended by representatives of NGO “Multicultural Ukraine”

Rivne was the first city in Ukraine where a bust of Simon Petliura was opened in 2001.

In my opinion, this is a good ideological result related to the cooperation of Polish and Ukrainian youth, and it is also important that military figures of  Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA) army be honored in Ukraine. This is an ideological, political, historical and educational factor for Ukrainian society.

On May 25, we commemorate the 95th anniversary of the assassination of Simon Petliura in Paris. The action took place within the framework of the agreement signed in last September between the two Scout organisations.

Such events like today´s are important for the Polish-Ukrainian understanding and mobilization of forces against modern imperial threats from the East.

source: Serhii Porovchuk

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