Poland, as a large neighbor in the European Union, is an extremely important partner for Ukraine; MKUA wants to contribute to the scaling up of the process of rapprochement between the two countries, especially at the level of ATC in our region. In Zdolbuniv, where our office is located, the Catholic church of the large Polish community is undoubtedly one of the symbols of our city. But even Zdolbuniv does not have a twin town in Poland, yet.

We want to promote international youth exchanges, possibly trilateral, with the participation of organizations, for example, from Germany. Cooperation with Lithuania will also be particularly interesting, against the backdrop of the Lublin Triangle.

We are already in contact with the Consulate General of the Republic of Poland in Lutsk.

Poland is also one of the key areas in the framework of volunteer programs like ESC, and we sent the first volunteer there. But we would like and will work to ensure that young Poles come to volunteer in Ukraine, because we believe that the exchange should be bilateral.