IFP (Internationales Freiwilligenprogramm, International Volunteer Programme) is a service created and run by our NGO with the aim to give people from abroad the possibility to come to Ukraine and to get involved in different volunteer projects or other activities. IFP participants (we call them “multicants”) come mostly from German speaking and other European countries and are of different ages and professional backgrounds. They work as teaching assistants in schools and universities (“language assistants”), office managers in NGOs, interns in companies, helpers on farms, or sometimes, they just come to have a good time, learn the language, plunge into Ukrainian culture and travel through the country.

IFP participants pay a participation fee, depending on the duration of their stay; in exchange they get free accommodation (student dormitory or host family), a starter kit (sim card and other devices) and are fully integrated into the cities they live in, and the projects they work on.

Information and feedback from former multicants can be found here in the archive of the programme: http://volunteering.multikulti.org.ua/

In the coming years we plan to widen this programme geographically and set up a quality management system.

Here some photos from the last years with volunteers from Germany, Austria and the Netherlands together with our Kharkiv activists: