Our organization shares the fundamental values of the European Union and wants to contribute to the development of international relations between Ukrainian communities as well as organizations and partners in the EU countries.

We also participate in various EU programs. Since 2016, we have been accredited by Erasmus Plus and can send and receive volunteers from the EU countries. Previously, this program was called European Voluntary Service, now it is – European Solidarity Corps.

Put simply, ESC allows young people at the age of 18 to 30 years to go to a volunteer project abroad and carry out volunteer activities in a non-profit, budget, municipal organization (the purpose of which is not generation of income), without incurring expenses, since all the expenses of the volunteer is covered by the program grant. This is done to encourage the desire of young people for international mobility, volunteerism, personal development, and also provides local host organizations around the world with the opportunity to receive voluntary assistance.

Until 2020, we only accepted volunteers in the framework of this program, and in 2021 we started sending them.