Our Partners

Our organization has cooperation agreements with more than a hundred educational, cultural and business-related institutions inside the country and abroad. Most of them, up to now are universities or cultural associations of ethnic minorities in Ukraine.

In the framework of our reform process we are currently reviewing all these agreements in order to renew them and present our partners in a new order to the public.

Concerning international partners, the oldest we have are

  • German Federal Agency of Employment, we are a country representative of Summer Jobs for Students Programme (ZAV; Cologne)
  • SALTO YOUTH Eastern Europe and Caucasus Resource Centre/ FRSE (Erasmus Plus Volunteering accreditation; Warsaw)
ZAV – our partner since 2010
SALTO YOUTH – cooperation in the EVS framework since 2015

Our newest partner is, and we are really happy about this, the National Botanic Gardens of Ireland, with whom we signed a MoU in the framework of the McClair Project on May, 4.