Kharkiv International Fest

Originally, Kharkiv International Fest, was actually a beauty contest for participants from cultural associations of ethnic minorities in Kharkiv (Miss Kharkiv International). Over the years it became a major event to promote Kharkiv as a multicultural and international metropolis.

From the beginning, it was supported by the Kharkiv City Administration and since 2012 it takes places each year at the conference center : Kharkiv Premier Palace, which has been our partner in different projects for many years.

“Kharkiv International Festival of peace, international beauty and tolerance” is a high level charity event, open to everybody, organized by volunteers and volunteer professionals. It consists of concerts, performances, and intercultural roundtables. Each year there are many events and lots of interesting guests from Kharkiv and other cities of the region.

Currently, our NGO organizes this event together with the Rotary Club of Kharkiv and many other partners.

This year’s Kharkiv International Fest was postponed, due to the Coronavirus situation, until autumn. At this time there is no concrete date.

International football cup

A project that allows young people from around the world to compete for the championship. The tournament is held according to the rules of the championship, so we can say that the project of the “International Football Cup” is a small world championship, which is attended by representatives from 15-20 countries. The goals of the project are to promote a healthy lifestyle and international tolerance.

KVN International Cup (humorous tournament)

A competition where participants have the opportunity to compete in creating jokes. The participants of the competition are representatives of different countries of the world. One of the goals of the project is to promote interethnic tolerance.